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We provide a scalable, affordable and completely customisable platform for a wide range of businesses to improve their operational efficiency. Our networked plug and play sensors gather and analyse your data in real-time from even remote locations and publish it for you as intuitively as possible

Plug and Play sensors

Our system accepts a wide variety of plug and play sensors that is expandable with your business


Tethr.IT is optimised for mobile-viewing so that you don't lose track of your business no matter the circumstance

Secure Platform

The whole system has been designed and manufactured to exceed the most stringent industrial standards

Dedicated support

We are available 24*7 all round the year to ensure that your operations run smoothly

Make better informed decisions

SMART Sensors     SMARTER World

Highly Secure

Intuitive Graphs

Rugged Controllers

Data-Loss Prevention

6+ hours Power Back-up

Report Forwarding

Upto 3 years Warranty

Alarms & Notifications

Expandable Sensor Ports

And much more!

The Team

People who make Tethr so awesome!


Throughout his life he endured people calling him some variation of machine, he got so fed up one day that he designed our controller with one hand tied behind his back



Dynamic and multi-talented, the only thing Safeer cannot do is to go to the space on a bicycle, but that's because he hasn't had the time to think of that one yet


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Have a look at how Tethr revolutionized an industry


Andhra Pradesh, India

180 Acre Wheat Farm


Cost Savings 


Yield Increase 


Industry Problems

  • Lack of storage spoils 13,300 crore food produce a year

  • Ongoing Water-Crisis drives 2450 farmers to suicide every year

  • Lowest Productivity per unit of land due to lack of mechanization

Prior Statistics for a farmer from Andhra Pradesh

Our Solution

  • A set of 35 sensing modules placed at strategic locations of the farm

  • Each module contains a combination of sensors, not limited to Temperature, Moisture, pH, Pottassium etc

  • Intelligent Pump Controllers directs water most effectively

  • A web-based platform that helps organise fertilizer distribution

After Tethr.IT

  • Yearly Yield :252 tonnes

    (Increased by 85 tonnes)
  • Yearly Revenue  38,93,400

  • Water Distribution - Optimum

  • Fertilizer Distribution - Optimum


What people are saying about us

“Tethr.IT changed the way we look at our systems”

Pratham Benara,
Director,Benara Automotives (P) LTD.

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